Mini Mester

Through 十大最大的网络彩票平台's annual Mini Mester, each Middle School student has an opportunity for hands-on discovery while enjoying a concentrated exploration into an area of interest led by faculty, staff, students or community volunteers.

The program is consistent with our Middle School philosophy to provide opportunities for our students to try something new, expand upon their gifts and share skills with one another. From robotics and pottery to veterinary science, students investigate new possibilities and uncover areas where their passions and talents may lie!

2023 Mini Mester
"Our Oceans"


2022 Mini Mester
"You Are What You Eat"

Our students examined the path food takes to get to our tables and learned the importance of farming and agriculture. They learned about the importance of sustainable food and the future of our food. Finally, students examined the role that food plays in gathering together and belonging. Mini Mester ended with a Festival of Food celebration to honor our unique connections to food.


2021 Mini Mester
"The Future of Fashion"

 Middle School students took a deeper look at the fashion industry with a focus on sustainable fashion. The 3-day experience ended with a runway show, featuring outfits made of upcycled materials!

2019 Mini Mester
"Our Oceans"

Students learned about issues facing our oceans, such as pollution, coral bleaching, overfishing, etc. through a variety of hands-on labs and activities. The experience included a school-wide trip to the National Aquarium! When they returned to campus, they worked in teams to create a 3-dimensional, recycled art installation that represented one of the ecosystems they saw.

2018 Mini Mester
"Celebrating our Cultures"

In 2018, 十大最大的网络彩票平台's Middle Schoolers took a deep dive into many different cultures of the world. Here's a glimpse of everything that the girls learned!